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Updated 6th April 2024
Reviewer Jeff Patton

imo International Review

Looking for a reliable app for free international calls and high-quality video chats? Check out imo App!

We discuss how to use imo App, its features like group chats and encrypted messages, and its safety. We also compare the pros and cons of using imo App to other communication apps such as WhatsApp and Skype.

Find out the best alternatives to imo App and draw your own conclusion! Stay tuned!

What is imo App?

IMO App is a popular Chat App known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features such as messaging, audio calls, and video calls. It provides a seamless communication experience for users to connect with their contacts through various mediums.

The user interface of IMO App is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for users to access all its functions effortlessly. One of the standout features of IMO is its messaging capabilities, allowing users to send text messages, photos, videos, and even voice messages to their friends and family.

The app enables users to make high-quality audio and video calls, enhancing the way they communicate with others in real-time. With its focus on simplicity and functionality, IMO App has become a go-to platform for many users seeking efficient and reliable communication services.

How to Use imo App?

Using the imo App is simple and straightforward. To get started, users need to go through a quick registration process, after which they can customize their account settings and integrate their contacts for seamless connectivity.

Once the initial registration is complete, users can begin personalizing their account by adding a profile picture, updating their status message, and adjusting notification preferences to suit their needs.

Integrating contacts is as easy as granting the app permission to access the address book, allowing for instant recognition of friends already on imo. This step ensures that users can effortlessly connect with their existing contacts without the hassle of manual entry.

With these simple yet effective steps, users can make the most of the imo App's features for enhanced communication experiences.

What are the Features of imo App?

The imo App offers a diverse set of features to enhance user experience, including group chats, a variety of stickers and emojis for expression, robust privacy settings, secure messaging options, voice messaging capabilities, all combined to provide a seamless user experience.

Free International Calls

imo App allows users to make free international calls with high call quality while optimizing network data usage for better app performance. Users can stay connected with their contacts worldwide without worrying about expensive call rates.

The app's innovative technology ensures that users can enjoy crystal-clear voice calls and smooth video calls even when connecting across long distances. Imo App intelligently manages data usage, minimizing the amount of network bandwidth required for each call without compromising on quality. This not only enhances user experience but also makes the app more efficient in terms of performance. With imo App, users can make international calls seamlessly while saving on data consumption and ensuring a reliable connection every time.

High-Quality Video and Voice Calls

imo App offers high-quality video and voice calls with encrypted communication to ensure user privacy and security. The app is compatible with various devices, providing a seamless calling experience for users.

Users can enjoy crystal-clear video calls and crisp voice calls on the imo App, thanks to its advanced technology that optimizes call quality even in low internet connectivity. The encryption feature adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing that all conversations remain private and protected from any potential threats.

Imo App's compatibility across multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and web browsers makes it convenient for users to connect with their friends and family effortlessly.

Group Chats and Calls

imo App allows users to create group chats and calls for seamless communication with multiple contacts. Users can share audio, video, and messages in chat rooms, enhancing the messaging experience.

By utilizing the group chat feature, users can initiate conversations with several friends or colleagues at once, fostering collaboration and connection. The app's video sharing options enable users to engage in face-to-face interactions, making remote communication more personal. With the convenience of messaging capabilities, individuals can easily exchange text-based information within the group chats. This combination of features makes imo App a versatile platform for both social interactions and professional communications.

Share Photos and Videos

imo App enables users to share photos and videos seamlessly within chats, enhancing communication through visual media. Users receive notifications for chat updates, ensuring they stay connected.

With imo App, users can easily send photos and videos in real time, making conversations more engaging and interactive. The app integrates messaging features, allowing users to send multimedia files without any hassle. Chat notifications ensure that users are always aware of new messages and updates, helping them to respond promptly. The seamless sharing capabilities of imo App enable users to share media content without any delays or interruptions, fostering a smooth communication experience.

Encrypted Chats

imo App prioritizes user privacy and security by offering encrypted chats, ensuring that conversations remain confidential. Users can customize their privacy settings and enhance account security for a safe communication environment.

Through end-to-end encryption, imo App scrambles messages during transmission, making them indecipherable to anyone except the intended recipient. This advanced security feature prevents unauthorized access to chat content, providing a shield against potential data breaches.

Imo App implements stringent account security measures such as two-factor authentication and biometric login options to fortify user accounts against unauthorized access attempts. These multi-layered security enhancements contribute to creating a trustworthy platform for users to communicate without compromising their sensitive information.

Is imo App Safe to Use?

Users may wonder about the safety of using the imo App. Rest assured, imo prioritizes safety and security, offering robust privacy settings and user verification options to ensure a secure communication experience.

With imo's user-friendly interface, individuals can easily customize their privacy preferences, controlling who can contact them and view their profile information. Imo implements encryption protocols to safeguard conversations from unauthorized access, providing end-to-end encryption for messages and calls. The app also verifies user identities through phone number validation, and accounts can be linked to social media profiles for added verification. These measures collectively contribute to creating a safe and trusted environment for imo users.

What are the Pros and Cons of imo App?

When evaluating the imo App, users have highlighted several pros and cons. Positive aspects include high user ratings and favorable customer reviews, while some drawbacks may include specific user preferences and experiences.

User ratings for the imo App are consistently above average, with many praising its user-friendly interface and seamless video call quality. Customer reviews often mention the app's reliable messaging features and convenient group chat options.

Some users have expressed concerns about occasional glitches during calls and the limited support for file sharing. Despite these drawbacks, imo continues to attract a loyal user base who appreciate its simplicity and efficiency in connecting with friends and family.

How Does imo App Compare to Other Communication Apps?

When comparing imo App to other popular communication apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber, users can assess the unique features, user experiences, and connectivity options provided by each platform.

  1. WhatsApp is widely known for its end-to-end encryption, ensuring secure communication between users.
  2. Meanwhile, Skype stands out with its video conferencing capabilities and integration with Microsoft products.
  3. Viber, on the other hand, offers a seamless messaging experience with fun stickers and emoticons.
  4. In contrast, imo App provides a streamlined interface for making voice and video calls with a focus on simplicity.

Each app caters to different preferences and priorities, allowing users to choose the communication platform that best suits their needs.


imo App and WhatsApp are two prominent communication platforms with distinct features. While imo emphasizes certain functionalities like chat backup and notifications, WhatsApp offers its unique set of features for user convenience.

  1. imo provides users with an easy and efficient way to back up their chats, ensuring that important conversations and media are securely saved.
  2. In contrast, WhatsApp stands out with its wide array of features such as voice and video calling, group chats with large participant limits, and end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy.
  3. Notifications on imo are more streamlined, whereas WhatsApp allows for more customization and control over notification settings, catering to individual preferences and needs.


imo App and Skype cater to different communication needs. While imo focuses on video calling features, Skype offers a robust set of audio and video calling functionalities, each providing a unique user experience.

Imo App stands out for its simplicity and efficiency in video calling, making it a preferred choice for quick and reliable video chats. On the other hand, Skype excels in its versatility, allowing users to seamlessly switch between audio and video calls without compromising on quality. The intuitive interface of imo ensures a smooth navigation, enhancing the overall user experience for those who prioritize straightforward communication tools, while Skype caters to users seeking a more comprehensive platform for both personal and professional interactions.


imo App and Viber present different messaging experiences. While imo focuses on voice messaging features and app performance, Viber offers its unique messaging functionalities tailored for user convenience.

  1. Under the hood, imo App's emphasis on voice messaging sets it apart by providing users with a seamless experience to communicate through audio clips swiftly.
  2. On the other hand, Viber excels in offering a variety of interactive messaging options like stickers, GIFs, and doodles, enhancing the user's messaging experience with a touch of creativity.

Imo's app performance shines in terms of smooth navigation and quick response times, while Viber showcases robust stability and reliability, catering to users seeking consistent messaging interactions.

What are the Alternatives to imo App?

For users seeking alternatives to the imo App, platforms like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat offer diverse communication features and user experiences, catering to various communication preferences.

  1. Google Hangouts, a product of Google, is known for its integration with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Calendar, making it convenient for those already using Google's ecosystem.
  2. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger, offered by the social media giant Facebook, provides a seamless messaging experience and allows users to easily connect with their Facebook friends.
  3. WeChat, popular in China and beyond, combines messaging, social media, and payment features all in one app, appealing to users looking for a multifunctional platform.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a versatile platform that allows users to create chat rooms, receive push notifications, and manage app permissions for a personalized communication experience.

Utilizing Google Hangouts gives individuals the flexibility to engage in conversations with multiple users simultaneously through chat rooms, fostering collaboration and efficient communication. The feature of push notifications ensures that users stay updated with new messages and alerts even when they are not actively using the app, enhancing user engagement. Managing app permissions on Google Hangouts empowers users to control who can view their information and enables a more secure and personalized experience.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers seamless contact list management, user profiles for personalization, and regular app updates to enhance the overall messaging experience for its users.

One key advantage of Facebook Messenger over the imo App is its intuitive interface for managing contacts, allowing users to easily organize and categorize their connections.

The user profiles in Facebook Messenger enable individuals to add personal information, photos, and status updates, creating a more engaging and personalized chatting experience.

Facebook Messenger's frequent app updates ensure that users have access to the latest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes, ensuring a smooth and reliable messaging platform.


WeChat stands out with its social networking features, contact blocking options, and robust search functionality, providing users with a comprehensive communication platform tailored for various interactions.

Its social networking capabilities enable users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues through text, voice, and video messages. The contact blocking feature offers users the ability to manage their interactions by blocking unwanted contacts. The advanced search functionalities on WeChat allow users to easily find and connect with new contacts based on shared interests or mutual connections, enhancing the overall networking experience.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In final thoughts, the imo App stands out for its customization options and user-friendly interface.

The app's flexibility when it comes to personalizing chats, such as changing themes, setting custom notification sounds, and creating unique stickers, truly sets it apart. The straightforward layout and intuitive design make navigation a breeze, ensuring a seamless user experience.

To maximize the app's functionalities, users can also explore the group chat features, video calls, and voice messages for more interactive conversations. By staying updated with regular app updates and actively participating in the imo community, users can make the most of the app's potential for enhancing their communication experiences.

How to Update imo App?

Updating the imo App is crucial to access new features, improvements, and security enhancements. Users can check for updates in the app store, review user ratings, and stay informed about the latest enhancements.

By regularly updating the imo App, users ensure they have access to the latest functionalities that enhance their messaging and communication experience. These updates often include bug fixes, performance optimizations, and additional features that make the app more user-friendly.

Checking user ratings can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of these updates, helping users make informed decisions on whether to install them. To access updates, simply navigate to the app store on your device, search for imo, and tap on the 'Update' button if a new version is available.

How to download and use

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